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2008 "Fowvay" yellow NB
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Here's my car.
His name is Wink.
He's imitating a Russian jet fighter prototype known as a Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut and he's my best friend!
He won 3rd place at the Volksfest show in Columbus Ohio 2004.

He has many mods. Here's the complete list.

Joystick shifter and custom Su-47 shift boot from OverHeadCam's mom. (Thanks and credit to Beetlemania for the joystick idea and instructions)

Simulated airplane instrument gauge face for use at shows

TT pedals and dead pedal
New Beetle Monster Mats

Spoiler switch relocated to dash

Black door handle trim pieces
Blue LED lit bud vase
Flat black painted interior accents

Su-47 Berkut Vinyl graphics

16" Sport Edition Fox 2 Sport Rims

Personalized license plates

White hood

Rear fog light

Red painted calipers

Painted emblem indents

Black altezza tails
Llumar window tint - 50% on drivers and passenger windows, 20% rears & sunroof
ProDesign Speedster Wiper Cowl
OEM splash guards
Clear front corner lights
Turbo script

Under the hood:
Modshack TTDA intake

ECS N75 Race frequency valve
Forge 007 DV

Custom engine cover - cyrillic warning jet intake!

2 meep meep horns
Rear engine seal removed

Handling stuff:
O-Bar rear sway bar

Prothane dogbone mount bushings from ECS tuning

I want to thank Tom/Fowvay and Jose/Toad for these, my 2 favorite pics of Wink.


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I feel all tingly inside (is that honor?) because you used one of my shots for the first post on your new thread, but it's mainly because I think I'm really bad at using a camera.

2008 "Fowvay" yellow NB
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the long story only shorter

I had a lot of pages in the old forums for Wink's pictures. I thought it might be good to do a quick run through of the changes I've done, here, on the new site.

This is one of the oldest pics I have of him. Fresh from the dealer as a certified pre-owned.

One of the first things was a set of tezza tails. I liked these but they got replaced by the black ones. This was my first gtg at Fowvay's garage. Rockbear/Gruven98 helped me put these on that day.

Perhaps the best thing I ever did was get these rims. I absolutely love them.

Next was probably the tint.

The biggest mod, the vinyl graphics came next, transforming Wink into the Russian jet imitation that he enjoys so much.

I put some neons under there to give him a radioactive glow. I then broke one when I was changing tires, so off they came. Maybe I'll replace them sometime, maybe not, I didn't use them very much.

I hope to get some good pics this weekend with the new hood.
Stay tuned, more to come.

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There's Wink! :party:

His Russian jet motif always freaks me out, yet is also deeply cool. Oh, I don't know what I want! :lol:

One of the more interesting Bugs at the Org, for sure! :D

2008 "Fowvay" yellow NB
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forced to change

I modded my headlights, took them apart and painted the large chrome area black because I thought that it was just too much silver. I knew I was doing this at my own risk. I thought we did a good job of it. It ended up that my passenger side lens, just the clear plastic part, fell off while driving home from Rhode Island somewhere on I-80 in the middle of Pennsylvania. (if anyone sees it - pick it up, I'll give a reward!) So I had to get a replacement or preferably two. I got a good deal from Gruven98 and was able to change them out.


2008 "Fowvay" yellow NB
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two year anniversary pictures.

I have had Wink for 2 years now. Somehow I missed the anniversary, I thought I got him right around Halloween but I checked today and I got him Sept 30, 2003.

Here is one of the first pictures I took of him.

A year later I took this one, same spot.

This year, same spot.

I can't complain about problems with Wink. I have had a few issues, airbag light, had to change the battery, a few minor inconveniences like the broken side mirror switch and fuel filler door latch and my frozen door lock, but I've enjoyed this little car more than any other. Best of all is the friends he has brought along.


2008 "Fowvay" yellow NB
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The new hood

Here's a few more pics showing the white hood that I got in a trade with Technotrix'd. It is a temporary thing until I can get the custom paint job that I want, but it gets me the white on the front that I desired to sorta match the big white radome on the Su-47. I'm sure some people will like it and others will not care for it. Oh well, thats kinda how my car is...

To each his own, I love it.

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