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How-To by caffeine addict

Replacing the glides is a snap.

The first trick is to get your shade at least halfway back. You may have to exert some force to do this and you will probably trash your old glides if they weren't trashed already.

I found it helpful to then put the sunroof glass in the tilt position (back tilted open).

There are 2 plastic covers on either side that are between the ceiling and the roof. They just pop off. In my case one of them had already broken off (I think that is why the shade jammed....). Remove them. One has a tab at the back that needs to slide towards the rear of the vehicle to release. By peeking in the open sun room from above you should be able to figure out how to get these off without breaking them.

I had two torx head screws and one phillips head screw on either side.
:confused: (nice engineering)

Once the screws are out the glass just lifts out. It is heavier than it looks.

You can now easily remove the old glides with a phillips head screw driver (one screw for each of the four slides). Make sure to get all the little bits of your former glides out of the glide tracks.
I only had to replace 3 of the 4 glides. Put the glide in the track, then line it up and screw it into the shade where the previous one was.

Next just reassemble everything in reverse order. You may need to fiddle with the sunroof glass. Before you put the plastic covers on the sides, close the room and make sure everyting is level and flush with the roof.

Whole job took me 20 minutes.

Good luck. :wave3:
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