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Curious how one thing after one another popped-up to delay getting out of town today.
Curse all freakin' cell phones.
It was 5pm until I can drive a little over 2 hrs to motown in person.
Is that a control arm thunk I hear in front, pass side . . . ? anyway,

my hotel is marriott very near the old VW/audi building in troy on big beaver. Dinner tonight with 4 nfl "legends" I was really beat after a long week & hada get outta there a bit early. With a nightcap(well - 2 or 3) from the Gallo hospitality suite that is open nightly, I'm heading to bed here. safe & sound

Tomorrow nite hasa nice dinner set-up for my merry squad of winos. Very sweet by the looks of it. 32 chefs from each nfl city (nyc twice) top, top resturants for some charity. Hungry already . . .

I'll keep you fellas up to date here this weekend - live

Eric Natural
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