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I just bought a replacement VW radio (off of ebay) for my 98 Bug, and I'm planning on swapping out the existing radio. The radios are the same (cassette/am/fm). I have the code for the new radio.

After looking at some of the postings in this site, it looks like I need to:

1. Get a set of Radio Removal Keys (can I get something like this at Best Buy?)
2. Pull the old radio, and disconnect the cables.
3. Plug in the new radio, and remount in dash (is it just as easy as sliding the radio back into the dash?)
4. Enter new security code per the manual.

Is that all,or is there a critical step I'm missing?


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You're pretty much set, that's considering that both head units are completely the same(front and back). The new radio should just slide in easily with no problems.

When I took my radio out I didn't have the removal keys so I used a metal fingernail file, worked pretty good though I had to do one side at a time.


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