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Get on the T.O.D.roster- "The List" please submit the following info

-org screen name

-name of people in your party

-The year and model of your beetle, and your beetle's name

-The hotel you're staying at

-City and State where you live.

^^^Send your info ^^^ Via E-mail to Jeff at:
[email protected]

Is it May yet???

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If you're lurking on this thread...WELCOME :wave2:

If you have a slight idea that you might be attending T.O.D., please subscribe to this thread now. There lots of people behind the scenes now, to make your T.O.D. experience fun and memorable. A lot of our planning is hinged on who'll be attending. Knowing this in advance, even if you're not totally sure you'll be attending, is a big help to the T.O.D. planning group.

Thank you

================================================== ================================================== ==

FYI- The T.O.D. core
T.O.D. was designed for nB owners, by nB owners. All input is appreciated and is considered. All planning and assessment of suggestions/ideas are processed by a core group of orgers. These are:

T.O.D. attendees from previous T.O.D. events as well as the original '09 T.O.D. attendees. This core group help in keeping the unity and original direction of the event intact. some of these objectives are:
  • established date
  • activities and T.O.D. route
  • keeping it an nB event
...keeping expansion of T.O.D. in conjunction with the original vision and the above objectives.

Orgers from '09 T.O.D to present day, have brought their talents, ideas and abilities to the table and have become a faithful and integral member of the T.O.D. experience. These members are many and their talents/efforts cover many facets of T.O.D. From PR, to web design, coordinating caravans, logistics, in-route communication, off-season T.O.D. recon, entertainment. The T.O.D. core, new and old, have made their contributions the success for keeping the original T.O.D. vision intact and thriving.

T.O.D. is an almost year-round planned event, extensively covered, promoted and planned by many. Their input and assistance is GREATLY appreciated.

T.O.D. founder is VW Gary. I, Al/scarabY2k have been deemed "the guy" by Gary in His absence. Be it known, and this can't be stressed enough, What I do cannot be accomplished without our founder and the aforementioned elements of T.O.D. I'm keeping the wheels straight- those who surround me keep the fuel in the tank and spark in the engine. We are like the crankshaft and pistons- you can't have one without the other.

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1. Gas to and from TOD

2. One fill up/top off for Saturday's TOD run. Fill up Friday evening.

3. Meals & snacks...snacks are essential for Saturday- Subway will take your order FRIDAY EVENING ( pre-order forms will be available at The Top) for Saturday morning pickup.

4. Lodging. The Ridge Top is TOD central & base of operations. The Ridge Top is a bargain by today's standards. You can book now, which i suggest. They give you up to 24hrs to your BOOKED DATE to cancel, before charging/debiting your account.

4. Luxury cash, for souvenirs and TOD gear. the swap meet should be in effect next year as well. a little extra cash for that would be nice too

These threads will be up as the current year comes to a close.

-T.O.D. Name Tag thread

-BEETLE name tag thread

-Pizza Fest

-Saturday evening BBQ

-T.O.D. Swag (T-shirt) thread

-T.O.D. decal thread

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Tail Of the Dragon (T.O.D.) Generally Asked Questions

please note that these are general questions, that cover pertinent information necessary, to make your T.O.D. experience (from thread to the actual event) a better one. More info can be ascertained via assorted threads in the Tail of the Dragon heading of the events and planning section.

1. What is T.O.D.?
T.O.D. is short for Tail of the Dragon, which is an 11 mile stretch of road, US 129, located on the North Carolina/Tennessee border. The “Dragon’s” claim to fame is its 318 curves in the 11 mile stretch. T.O.D. is a road of world renown, driven by auto enthusiasts of every ilk, as well as an area of movie fame: a portion of “The Fugitive”, starring Harrison Ford was filmed in this area.

2 .How long has there been a new beetle T.O.D. GtG?

The first new beetle ToD GTG (maiden voyage) was held in May of 2009. T.O.D. has become a notional GtG, bringing nB/2012+ owners from various parts of the country. 2015 marks the 7th year anniversary of T.O.D., with many of the original maiden voyagers still in attendance

3. When is T.O.D Held?
T.O.D. is a yearly event, held on the first Saturday in May.

4. How long is T.O.D.?

T.O.D. is a 3 day event.
Day 1- arrival/check in, followed by our meet and greet dinner, known as Pizza Fest.
Day 2- breakfast, followed by the driving the Cherohala Skyway; then making our way to The Dragon. Dinner is held at the BBQ Wagon; fondly know to us as The Neon Pig.
Day 3- farewell breakfast; followed by either departing, each to there respective cities, OR... staying for SixChuter Sunday. SixChuter Sunday is basically a day of leisure to do as you wish. It’s been found to be a great way to finish up the T.O.D. weekend; to reflect and casually enjoy the company of our beetle friends. Some are actually booked an additional night (Sunday) and leave Bryson City Monday morning. SixChuter Sunday has rapidly become a must for T.O.D. attendees, so if you're planning on staying for SixChuter Sunday, it is a FULL 3 day event.

5. Do I have to attend all 3 days of T.O.D.?
No. You can attend one or the entire 3-day event of T.O.D., but we do recommend making all 3, especially day #2, where we ride The Dragon.

6. Is the T.O.D. date subject to change?
T.O.D. will always be a 3-day event, centered with the Dragon course being held on the first Saturday of May.

7. Is T.O.D. a new beetle-only event?

T.O.D. is a new beetle-only event HOWEVER the term “new beetle” has been somewhat broadened with the arrival of the 2012+ Beetle. So T.O.D. encompasses both New Beetle and the next-gen Beetle.

8. Do I have to have a custom beetle to attend?

No. T.O.D. is for all beetles &'12+.. from bone stock, works in progress, to full custom; all beetles are welcome.

9. Why is T.O.D a beetle-only event?
The New Beetle T.O.D. cruise weekend, is a beetle-only (New Beetle and 2012+ Beetle) event to promote unity within the new beetle community. It has been observed over the nB’s 12-year run, that the nB has been to some degree, the odd kid out in the VW/car show/GtG scene. Although the nB has been in many a car show, the turnouts have been few. Furthermore, many nB owners albeit passionate of their cars, aren’t fully aware of new beetles appearances in meets and GtG’s, such as T.O.D. Our nB’s are few in the car show landscape; hence the need for our own event; to bring community, enthusiasm and exposure to the new beetle brand.
Apart from the driving experience of The Dragon; a few of the objectives of T.O.D., is to bolster the collective of new beetle owners across the country; to provide an arena, where other new beetle discover the scale of new beetle enthusiasm. It is our endeavor to provide a place of beetle acceptance, in a car show/media arena, that often times don’t.

There are a few non-beetle VW's in the fold. These folks are "Honorary Beetles", folk who were a part of the 2009 Maiden Voyage planning and promoting. These few exemptions came about due to loss of their vehicles and unforeseen circumstances that prohibited them from attend the '09 Maiden Voyager. The Honorary Beetle status was open from 2010 to 2014, now closed.

10. Is T.O.D a safe driving experience?
U.S. 129, the Dragon, is a state governed highway, patrolled by the state patrols of North Carolina and Tennessee. Both state patrols enforce the speed limit of 30 M.P.H., as well as issuing citations for crossing the center yellow line.
Our event adheres to all state speed limit laws and all legal driving practices. We want the T.O.D. driving experience to be a fun and safe experience for all, with no hurt, harm or danger to driver, passenger or beetle.

11. Is the driving experience of our T.O.D. GtG catered to various driving skills?
Yes. Although T.O.D. is a U.S. highway of an extraordinary nature, we realize that not all drivers are of the same drive skills or driving passion/intensity, and will drive/approach U.S. 129 differently.
Our groups will be divided in 2 caravans- leisure and sport class. These 2 classes will please the sportier, at speed limit driver, allowing them to tackle the dragon with a legal, yet aggressive approach. The sport class allows the driver to enjoy the dragon at a more comfortable, non-pressured pace.

Due to the nature of the 2-lane roads, and the extreme length of our caravans, we will not pull over to allow others to pass; this is to assure the safety of all beetles and their passengers. We desire to be courteous to cyclists, but beetles are vehicles too and must adhere to the laws of the road; our safety cannot be jeopardized.

12. Is it necessary to subscribe & post in the T.O.D thread?

The T.O.D. thread is a living thread; meaning new info is added at a frequent basis. We feel that it is necessary to subscribe and post to the T.O.D. thread. Being that this is a non-registration event, there’s information that the organizing group needs from all who attend, so that their planning can be executed in an efficient manner and aiding in making T.O.D. successful. Prior to the event, there is also necessary information for the T.O.D attendee to be privy to; this is to assure that the attendee can take full advantage of all things available at T.O.D.

13. Why is the T.O.D thread started almost a year in advance?

We feel that advance planning is the key to a successful T.O.D. Many elements of T.O.D. are planned in advance i.e., hotel booking, swag/decal orders, meal reservations, hospitality, name tags, swap meet and much more. Initiating these elements in advance, allows the organizers to get their plans executed in a more efficient fashion. This is important because many who attend T.O.D are from various parts of the country- the extra time of an early posted thread allows all elements to be corralled more orderly.
Moreover, an early posted thread, allows the attendee to schedule time off with their employer, as well as working the 3-day (more days depending on travel) event in their life schedule.

14. Why do you bump the thread?

The T.O.D. thread, like other forum threads are bumped, so the thread will be on the top of the thread list/rotation. This is in hopes of new orgers to discover the event and subsequent attendance, as well as keeping the event and the date to the forefront of the attendee, as well as keeping them privy to all pertinent info.

15. Is it necessary for me to bump the thread?

No. It is our desire for you to bump the thread, to help promote T.O.D., but you’re not obligated. The T.O.D. core group and thread starter will usually bump the thread.

However, we do suggest that you make an effort to bump; that way you assure yourself of being up to date and in the know of all things T.O.D.

16. What can I contribute when I bump the thread?

If you desire to bump the thread, we suggest adding comments to encourage orgers to join the GtG, as well as promoting the event with exciting planning and preparation in your own area.

17. Can I contribute my talents to T.O.D.?

If you possess a talent, skill or gift, you'd like to contribute, feel free so request someone contacting you, so we can see where your gifts can be used. Be it known, T.O.D. is not a paying job. All gifts, talents, efforts and energies rendered are of the freewill of the contributor, and not for those seeking compensation- monetary, barter or otherwise.

All ideas, plans and talents are rendered, and operated under the 2009 T.O.D. planning model, which are:
-T.O.D. is a 3-day event, where the road rally is on the 1st Saturday in May
-T.O.D. is a new beetle/12+ Beetle event
-The Saturday road rally is run 1.Robbinsville 2.Cherohala Skyway 3.Tellico Plains 4.The Dragon.
-SixChuter Sunday is a free day.

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Still planning on making ToD12, may have to withdraw pending Chris' college graduation (Simone's youngest)...will know more as we get closer to May.
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Right now, there's nothing in the way of ToD, but with teenagers who knows what is going to come up that weekend.
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