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Hello Org! :wave:

It's time for the 2014 The ToD name tag thread (For YOU to wear) and The ToD BEETLE tag thread (For YOUR BEETLE to wear).

We have a NEW process this year for gathering everyone’s info for the tags!

WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!:scared:

Are you asking what all this is?:dunno: Let me enlighten you!

What is this??

When you go to any type of event and you are not sure who everyone is, this here is how you can put names with faces…..or faces with names! However! We are supplying you with NAMETAGS (also known as Badges, name plates, face words, pretty necklaces with your name on it, etc.) Still confused to what nametags are, please refer to the “What is this” and read again.

Do they cost?

The name tags are free for all attendees (that's all who attend, nB owner/driver as well as attending family members).

Okay, now what?

This thread is requesting info for 2 DIFFERENT badges!

YUP! I said 2!

A NAME badge for YOU and your group to wear AND a BEETLE badge for your BEETLE (all types welcome, including the Honorees and square shaped beetles!) to wear!

OH! Another Question?

What is the The BEETLE tag? (I knew you were gonna ask!)

As we've done the past 4 years, your beetle will sport a 2014 ToD name tag- yes a name tag for your beetle!

These are a fun keepsake of this awesome event!

These tags can fit around the rear view mirror, or around your dash grab bar, however you'd like to display it.

Do they cost?

No…well how much ya got? LOL No, no, no these are FREE too!

Hopefully by this point, all questions are answered (regarding the Name and Beetle tags). If not, please feel free to post any questions you may have here! I will update this thread periodically with those that are tagged and good to go!

We have the privilege to partner again with Jai to assist with the ToD name and beetle tags.

WHAT WE NEED and how we are requesting the info!

We are kindly requesting all info to be EMAILED to....wait for it....

[email protected]

clever, I know :p

In the format listed below:

The SUBJECT of the email be YOUR Org Screen Name

The info we need (for the NAME badges)

•The names of each ToD Attendee in your party.
•The city and state in which you live
•Your org screen name- If members of your party aren't orgers, we can designate them as a co-piolt, a fan of your beetle, beetle groupie, beetle widow, or beetle widower, you get the idea.
•A high quality photo of your beetle (yes I am going there). If no photo is provided, stock ToD photography will be used.

The info we need (for the BEETLE tag)

If your beetle has no name (maybe it's time to get one), or if you wish to keep your Beetle nameless, that's perfectly fine too.

•The Name of your Beetle (if no name it will be listed as "Your Name's Beetle").
•A high quality photo of your Beetle. If no photo is provided, stock ToD photography will be used.

All fonts will be the same as well as name tag layout- no special changes.

Again, it is vital that we get your info quickly. Although these are free to you, our time is valuable- we have to prep for ToD, just like you do. So please get the info to us right away so we can get things done quickly.

We would like these complete no later than a week before ToD, so prompt EMAILS are greatly appreciated!

That’s all she wrote and can’t wait to see all your beautiful faces with NAMES at

TOD 6!!:wave3::toast::dance2::warmfuzi:

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Message Sent. :)

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Das Message Sent


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Hoping to get some new photos of Probie with his new wheels and tail lights :) Will send as soon as I get them. Just won't be as early as I would normally do it! Can't wait!!!

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SENT, Hope the pic is good enough, if not. Just let me know and I will get ya a better one. Michelle help me with getting it over this past weekend. :D

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Info sent back on 03/10.
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