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I've started a 2018 VW ToD-X Thread for those interested in purchasing a Poster for the event. Here's a link to the Thread: CLICK
Be sure to indicate your preference & quantity (if you want > 1 poster.


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Soory for how late this is

Sounds like a great adventure! Are you going to drive the full length of HWY 129 up to Knoxville?

I drive on a small section of 129 everyday going back and forth to work.
I would have posted sooner but a Heart Cath with three stents slowed me down last week and just got back from FunkFest in Punta Gorda so have been a tad bit busy.

We have driven the Knoxville to Bryson City portion of 129 before. We were coming back from a Bug adventure where we got to ride around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with a hundred other VWs. We rode through Alcoa and to Bryson City via the dragon so we thought that driving up this end from Chiefland would be worthwhile.

We are leaving from Chiefland in the morning on Thursday and plan to be at the cabin in BC on Friday afternoon.


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Bumping for less than two months til ToD, and bringing the sticker thread to your attention! This is a new design for this year!! If you are familiar with the older stickers and still want that design, I can also get that made, just let me know!
Please comment on the sticker thread or PM me with what you'd like! (cross posting on the collective for people not still checking the org out... I'm guilty for being not so good at coming here as much anymore!)

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Hey everyone!

Sorry, I'm late to the show, but I'll be there in full swing! Probably going to come down and stay Thursday too. After all these years it will be a first, but I finally have a career that allows the flexibility to. Can't wait to see everyone again! ♥

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Im crying too, Frank. Gonna miss you and Anne :(

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Sorry to hear that, you will be missed.

We are going to miss everyone as well. :crying: I do still want some SWAG; got a few bucks left over. Have not seen the SWAG Thread yet, or have I missed out?

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When is the shirts and swag thread going up?
And will there be a swap table area again?
I can bring parts and toys.
Maybe we need a thread for that too.

The swap meet thread is up and running. Everybody stop by and let us know what you're bringing!

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Welcome to:

T.O.D-X Year 10

2018 Tail Of The Dragon

Promo and Planning Thread

All important info can be found in the first 10 posts​

PLEASE NOTE: Although this is an extremely long thread, the information listed below is inserted about every 5 pages. Feel free to scan to the last page if you desire- You won't miss out on any pertinent info.

This first post will be continually edited for additional information.

T.O.D-X 2018

Get Together (GtG) Cruise/Weekend

May 4-6, 2018

Bryson City, NC

Dragon Cruise- Saturday, May 5th, 2018​

T.O.D. is a family-friendly, non-competitive (no performance comp or car show) get together (GTG)and road cruise

The 2017 T.O.D 8, "Rally tribute" edition is now history. Now we have just under a year to plan, save and prepare for T.O.D-X
The Truth Is Out There

Advance planning is vital for you, the T.O.D. attendee....the event is that big. Planning a year in advance is necessary, so please do so... you can thank me later:wink:


Date of the event: Friday, May 4- Sunday, May 6th, 2018

As in previous ToD's the Ridge Top (The Top) is the main gathering spot. Overflow or for those that the "Top's" accommodations aren't up to their standards, options are listed as well.

Accommodations in Bryson City:

Ridge Top Motel- T.O.D. home base/ main gathering spot
390 Arlington Avenue
Bryson City, NC 28713-7604
(828) 488-6363 or
(828) 488-6335
RV campground and motel. Bryson City, NC


IMPORTANT NOTE: You can book your room at The Top NOW, without any charge to your credit/debit card. You will only be charged if you fail to cancel 48 hours BEFORE YOUR RESERVED CHECK-IN DATE...Basically, you have until the Wednesday of T.O.D. week to cancel before a debit/charge is levied or automatic cancellation of a non-confirmed booking. You're more than welcome to arrive early.

Lodging for the Ridge Top: 49.00 per night

Yes, The Top has a CAMPGROUND TOO.
29.00 a night for 2 people. Pets 2.00 extra.

Low-Dough option #2

Scenic View Motel
1000 US-19,
Bryson City, NC 28713
(828) 488-3378
The Scenic View is like the Top, but smaller, yet just as nice. It's only a few minutes away from the Top and of good recommendation from fellow attendees and liaisons to the Scenic View, Rick and Shannon. If you can't find a room at the Top, and need low-dough lodging, the Scenic View is for you.

Sleep Inn
500 Veterans Boulevard
Bryson City, NC 28713
(828) 488-0326
Bryson City NC Hotel, Hotels in Bryson City NC.
Discount Rates:
May 4th
King: $69.99
Queen (2 beds): $79.99

King: $109.99
Queen: $119.99

King: $69.99
Queen? $79.99

82 Songbird Forest Road
Bryson City, NC 28713
(828) 488-7900
Microtel: Online hotel reservations, hotel discounts, hotel packages

Although many will be lodging at the aforementioned hotels, The Top will be the center of activity and ALL attendees of T.O.D., regardless of lodging are welcome to hang out at The Top. Sanjay, the hotel manager is a very accommodating to all of us and welcomes us happily each year.

The names of all attending parties are added to "the list"- the T.O.D. attendee roster, posted here on the org. Here you can get involved in the T.O.D. vibe as you see the list grow before you eyes. The list also helps the T.O.D. planners put things together much easier.

Get on the T.O.D.roster- "The List" submit:
-org screen name
-name of people in your party
-The year and model of your beetle, and your beetle's name
-The hotel you're staying at
-City and State where you live.
To get on "The List" eMail Jeff/Punchbug77: [email protected]

Additional area info:

Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap and Cherohala Skyway, Graham Co, NC
Smoky Mountain Travel Guides - Bryson City NC - Vacation Guides

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________________

As in years past there will be current year ToD Swag and decals available for pre event purchase, as well as T.O.D.8 goodies. Watch for details in the our own T.O.D. subsection.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________________________

This is a new beetle event, This includes the New Beetle and the 2012+ Beetle

T.O.D. is a thrilling experience and some have voiced bringing other car brands to T.O.D. Your enthusiasm is appreciated, BUT please, this is a New Beetle event, and we want to keep the event as such. We hope that you'll co-pilot with another beetle owner and enjoy the T.O.D. experience just the same.


Rough itinerary:

We're seeing more and more attendees showing up on Thursday, and you're more than welcome to do so. If you are a Thursday attendee, please chime in early. Maybe some pre-T.O.D. stuff can be cooked up.

Friday- the beetles arrive in Bryson City, beginning early/mid afternoon until evening. Photo ops / meet and greet / motel check-in. Maybe some are checking in a day never know.
6:00PM, gather at the "Top" for an informal meet.

7:00PM begins "pizza fest", our Friday night pizza dinner/meet and greet. After dinner more "getting to know each other" time. The pizza fest will be at the Top, with pies provided by, Anthony's Italian Restaurant downtown.
Pizza Fest costs are 5.00 per Adult.

there will be an assortment of pies available for all. Pizza Fest thread forthcoming.

NEW FOR PIZZA FEST: Pizza Fest will conclude with Movies @ The Top, on the grassy knoll. Come enjoy an evening under the stars as we watch movies on the big outdoor screen. Again, you don't have to be booked at The Top in order to enjoy the movies and all The Top has to offer.
Theater provided by The Top Outdoor Cinema.

Also, pre-order your Subway subs on Friday, so you can pick them up fresh Saturday morning.

Saturday: early a.m breakfast at Everett Street Diner- The Official diner of T.O.D., followed at 9:00 by a driver's meeting at the Ridge Top (The Top) in preparation for taming the Dragon. We depart from The Top @ 9:30AM sharp, From Bryson City, we'll proceed to the Cherohala Skyway where we'll make a stop at the Lakeview overlook, for a photo op.

RECAP: The Robbinsville stop at Ingles is back in the Dragon run. This will ba a potty stop. Although this is a grocery store, we should already be prepared, thus no need for shopping. We want to get in and out QUICKLY, and proceed with our dragon run- next stop: Cherohala Skyway

Leaving the overlook, we'll proceed to the Telico Plains Welcome center for our official potty break. This will also be our designated lunch spot. As we prep to leave the welcome center we'll organize the bugavan into the Sport and Leisure class. Leaving Telico Plains we proceed to run The Dragon. Those who are opting out of another run(s), can peruse the Deals Gap shop and the Killboy shop, while others will run the Dragon again. The elimination of the Robbinsville will give us adequate time to have some extra fun on the Dragon and Telico Plains :)

Saturday night
Saturday Night post-TOD BBQ at the Neon Pig

Following dinner at the Neon Pig, Folk will trickle over to Soda Pops Ice Cream Shoppe for dessert, in the nostalgic 50's style soda shoppe. 2015 was the official kickoff of the Social and it was HUGE SUCCESS (thanks Warren :D) This is an incredible opportunity to chill, hang out with your friends, and enjoy the laid back atmosphere of Bryson City. The Ice Cream Social is strongly encouraged to attend.

There will also be a Saturday night Movie at The Top, as we finish up our Saturday night Ice Cream Social, along with a friendly game or 10 of BAG-COM...the T.O.D. game sensation!

Sunday: Departure breakfast at Everett St. Diner, followed by one of two options:
-Option #1 Departing ToD to your respective homes or..
-Option #2 SixChuter Sunday. We've officially added Sunday as an option for those desiring to hang around one more day.

SCS, is a casual day, with no itinerary; just a day to wind down, relax and reflect on the great weekend. No pressure or plans, just go out and enjoy Bryson City. Some options available for SCS:

-Slaying at Sunrise: an early morning Dragon run.
-Beetles Dam Cruise- Beetles making a run,exploring the Dams of the region.
-The Road To Nowhere: a trip into the Smokey Mountain national park, up a literal road to nowhere; but the end brings you to beautiful, picturesque scenery, suitable for a picnic.
-Explore the falls right in the backyard of Bryson City...just a 15 minute drive from the Top.

some will just stay in Bryson City or explore other places; some might find a little group to piddle around with. Whatever the case, SixChuter Sunday is a no-pressure, casual day to do as you will.

We will be driving the the original tour loop, as we did in the '09 Maiden Voyage.

This post will be bumped throughout the thread and amended as new information warrants. Bumps will also include FAQ, ascertained throughout the past few years of ToD, as well as other neat facts about ToD and the Bryson City Carolina region.

So start planning NOW!\ Start your coffee can fund now- you'll thank me later :D.
Come join us for a great adventure and meet some of the nicest people on earth.

We strongly urge you to bump this thread, especially former TOD slayers. Your inital post will have you subscribed to the thread, and you'll receive notifications of any new posts, thus helping you stay informed. So please subscribe, post, bump,and add your experience and vibe to this great event!

T.O.D-X !!!!

Is it May yet???? :rolleyes:

========================= T.O.D.-X theme and art ====================
T.O.D. is celebrating it's 10th year. Being that "X" is the roman numeral for "10", We decided to play on "The X-Files", thus making our event another cool and memorable. The following is one of many different T.O.D.-X themes, as we endeavor to find "The Truth"

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Get on the T.O.D.roster- "The List" please submit the following info

-org screen name

-name of people in your party

-The year and model of your beetle, and your beetle's name

-The hotel you're staying at

-City and State where you live.

^^^Send your info ^^^ Via E-mail to Jeff at:
[email protected]

Is it May yet???
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