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Hello Everyone,

Ive been away for sometime now, lots of life hurdles. Anyway, enough chat about me.

I've been missing my Beetle friends, and for me, this year with Noober coming out of a 2 year slumber and a job change, I am unable to make T.o.D or Roswell. Therefore, I am planning a get together in Poteau for the first or second weekend of November to slay the Talimena. I have not commenced any digital scouting and surveillance for lodging and the such, yet, but I want to meet up and see come of the fall colors.

Lets plan for November 4th-6th.
Friday 11/4: Meet and greet. Pizza?
Saturday 11/5: Talimena - forward and backward. Brahms afterward!
Sunday 11/6: Lazy day, depart for home.

The ultimate goal is for an odd year get together, as to not interfere with Roswell. So well start on nice number 5 next fall, and keep it the first weekend in November.

As always your thoughts and concerns are welcome! :)

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Interesting. That was a fun time the last time we did it, except for Kevin......
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