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How many shirts would you purchase?

T-Shirt Order Poll

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We need to get an idea of how many shirt will be purchased.
Please take a second and respond the the poll of how many shirts you would purchase.

There is a price drop when you order 50 over 30 and would like to get a quick response so we can quote pricing when taking orders.

The following artwork will be used, we will need to update the line work, date and possibly some colors to make it t-shirt printing friendly.



(New version on the bottom)
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How much are the shirts? I will need a large.
How much are the shirts? I will need a large.
Prices won't be known until it's known how many shirts will be ordered.
My order

Two XL



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3X for me
XL for Wifey

If it comes down to the wire we would double our order to make the numbers work if need be.

Now that the cow has been downsized, I'd like to order one shirt in size Medium.

Editing... Medium if they are available only in men's sizing, large if you are offering the women's fit. And I like the color of light blue to match the sky background.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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