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I had raised a question a little while ago regarding Take 5 rim inserts. I had been scouring the area looking for some and found 7 rims to make a set and a few others in the event that my new driver daughter decided to drive into a curb.:D
In the process, I found 3 greys, 3 yellows, and 1 orange. Initially, I wanted black inserts and I could have them coated and be done with it. Honestly, the dark greys are growing on me.
Anyone know of someone who has a set of 5 inserts in dark grey? I could try to have them coated the dark grey, but I don't have a lot of faith of matching the color.
BTW- Since I have these inserts, if anybody needs to replace one let me know. I don't need all 35 pieces.:eyecrazy:

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