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Hi, I just wanted to share my .02 on the tape error message. I had this come up about a week ago on my 99 TDI Beetle, and since I use the tape deck for my XM and MP3 player adapter I NEEDED to get it fixed. I found some info online about the possible causes, and in my case it was that the drive belt inside for the tape player had broken.

I wanted to write a brief how to for the drive belt replacement. The first step is to remove the radio. Then, there are 2 screws that hold the top cover on, remove those. Once the radio top cover is off you'll see 4 more screws that hold the tape player unit in the radio. Remove those screws and unplug the 2 plugs (one on each end of the tape unit) and it should come free.

Next, flip the tape unit over and check the belt. In my case it was broken and I had no idea how the new one went, but I thought about it logically and was able to figure it out. The good news is I took pictures to help anyone else that might face this problem.

To put the new belt on, you need to remove the plate that holds the two brass pulleys in place. There are 2 tabs on this plate (one on each end) that just need to be turned so that it can be removed. Then, install the new belt. It is a square belt, but I find it worked best to run it into the pulleys like a v-belt with the point of the squared edge facing directly into the center of the pulleys' grooves. Then just reinstall the pulley hold down plate and check to make sure the belt is not twisted and will operate properly.

Re-install everything in the reverse order, and the tape player should be back in working order.

Parts note: after researching and measuring, I found the proper belt at Studio Sound Electronics' website. It's a Square belt small (.046in thickness) 17.0 inch circumference. The part number is SBS17.0 With shipping the part was less than $10.

Hope this info helps anyone that has this problem and is stuck like I was a week ago.


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