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So jello stated tapping today on the way home.... 30 minute ride. No lights, just a tap. I just went outside and the do stick is bone dry. Will get oil in the morning and PRAY until then..... Oil light never came on..... But sending unit might be defective...... Time will tell..... How low is it when it's not in the stick..... I know at the bottom is one quart... Surely if it was empty it would have locked up on the way home at 60mph for 30 miles?
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Good question; fill it up with oil and see how it acts. If it still has the noise; you might want to check the oil pressure.
And the sending unit.....if the pressure is low, the light should be on
I'm just thinking that at 69mph in 100degree heat it should have sounded like Jon Bohnoms drum solo.....lol
If it was more than a quart low, I would be asking, where did the oil go?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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