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TDI parts to turbo a 2.0?

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I was wondering if anyone had experience in turbocharging a gas beetle w/ or w/out using diesel beetle parts. As far as I can tell, the ABA engine class is not split into gas and diesel, so could one simply slap on TDI intake, cam, exhaust, and have a turbo Beetle? Not sure it could be so simple and ergo I am asking. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks :)
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Its been done and there are kits out there; that being said, these New Beetles are typically pushing 20+ years old and there are plenty of 1.8T New Beetles for sale, they seem cheap these days. If you are performance oriented, I would look at finding a Turbo S New Beetle; the best spec version VW made, which came with the AWP 180 HP spec 1.8T and the longer geared six speed 02M tranmission. That is a excellent platform, for more performance mods; even in stock form, the car runs very well and just a ecu software upgrade can get you substantial performance gains.

As to using TDI parts on a gas engine, I've never heard of this working before; I would assume if it was a drop in swap... someone would have done it by now?
As to using TDI parts on a gas engine, I've never heard of this working before; I would assume if it was a drop in swap... someone would have done it by now?
That’s what I was wondering. I wasn’t too concerned with power, the transmission is the biggest weak point, so this is more for s and giggles.

As for your engine recommendation, is it complicated to swap a gas bug to diesel or is it mostly drop in and drain the fuel tank?

Thanks for your input!
Its not so simple as to just slap a turbo on the 2.0. Its certainly been done and documented so you should be able to find the information out there. But the turbo on the TDI isn't the same as a gasser turbo anyway as they are VNT vs wastegate turbos.

You certainly can swap a gas to diesel. Since you're asking so much about the diesel - do you already have a TDI engine to swap? There are diesel beetles out there.
So, you want to upgrade from what to what? I recommend just getting another new beetle with the engine and trans type you want (the standard is recommended over the failure prone automatic). The best performance and styled New Beetle was the Turbo S.

I guess, you should think about the car you currently have and what your would like to improve upon it, decide what is the best solution, realistically cost effective, least hassle to get where, you want to go with it.

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Well I have two Beetles, a white 2000 and a red 1999. The 2000 has a blown head gasket, so I took the doors and hatch from the 2000, put them on the 1999, painted the roof navy blue, added 13 vinyl stars and 1776, updated the radio, lifted it, installed a bull bar, skid plate, and under-glow. So I am looking to keep the 1999, was just thinking about maybe making a little more power, but nothing crazy as I enjoy it’s gas mileage. :)
So I'm guessing the 2000 is a TDI and the '99 is a 2.0?
No both are 2.0, just was wondering if TDI parts would fit.
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