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Not posted on here for a while as I have been mega busy with work and getting married and buying a house and what not!! I was mainly using newbeetle.org.uk but unfortunately it's getting on my nerves a bit as the site is always down :(

Then I had to re-register here and my posts are now at the grand total of 1 :D

Anyway, got trouble to report, thought I would post this in case it helps anyone else.

I was driving to work the other morning and I happened to notice that when accelerating there was a new noise, a sort of whine. I got 3 quarters of the way to work and the bloody temp light came on. I pulled over and let it idle while I checked the coolant. Coolant was fine, and the fans were kicking in ok. Managed to make it to work and called the RAC before I left. RAC man couldn't hear the new whine (it was the sort of noise you only notice when you drive the car everyday) Anyway, he checked the thermostat and said that was opening properly, so he said it was probably a faulty sender but would tow me back just in case. Anyway, as it happened he could only take me 10 of the 15 miles home because of the type of cover I had, but recommended I put my heaters on full blast to get rid of as much excess heat as poss which should hopefully get me home!

This was not only a good idea, but also provided me with a vital clue, I noticed that the heater stayed cold most of the time and then occasionally went VERY VERY HOT. Ah haa, I thought, must be the water pump. Took it to Sunset VW in Derby (see some of my other posts on newbeetle.org.uk for my raves about how good they are) and he agreed that it sounded like the water pump and went on to explain that NB's and Mk IV Golfs have plastic impellors on the water pump and they sometimes shear off the spline! Turned out it had, so I had to have a new water pump :(

Now, a peice of advice here, if you're getting on for a new cam belt, do it now! The cam belt has to come off to change the water pump and it is about a 4.5 hour job and costs a fortune in labour (still WAYYYYY cheaper than main stealer though!) Total cost £240.

So, although it's been an expensive week, I got Beelze back yesterday!! :D
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