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Temperature light stays on for a few minutes

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Hi everyone:

I have a 2008 convertible with the 2.5 litre engine. Recently, the temperature light comes on when starting the vehicle and stays on for about 2 to 5 minutes after starting the car. After the 2 to 5 minutes, it goes off. I realize we have had an extremely cold winter with lower than normal temperatures. However, the car is garage stored so it is above the outside temperature. I have had the car for two years and it has never done this until recently, probably the last two to three months. Now with the temperature warming up, it is still doing it.

Any thoughts?
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Do you mean the red temp light?
If it's the blue temp light, that is normal, for my '05 atleast. Mine is garaged and even in the warmest weather it will stay on for a short bit.
This winter mine blue light stays on for a few minutes, starts to fade, and then goes out.

Hope this helps
Blue normal.
Red, you might be a tad low on G12.
Fill only to the upper mark on reservoir.
It's a red temp light. I started it this morning in the garage, put it in reverse to leave the garage and it came on. It beeped three times and the light flashed on and off for 1 minute, 22 seconds and then went off.
Check your coolant level
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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