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I wasn't sure which forum to post this......

It exceeded all of my expectations.

Overall looks, awesome. I was nervous how the "new grill" would look in person on the Bug. Now I think it's the best use of that grill (still warming up to it on the Jetta...)

I was disappointed to see the demo had the DSG transmission. After spending some time with a 2006 S4 with the flappy paddles, I wasn't impressed then with the auto/manual from VW/ Audi. I was pleasantly surprised. Shifts were glass smooth and immediate, both up and down.

Handling was exactly what I expected. Very precise without being harsh, just like my 2000 (which I won a few autocrosses with).
Brakes were equally impressive, and my wife mentioned they were not as "touchy" as my 2k bug, which she liked better on the 2012 model.

Since I do my own maintenance after the warranty expires, I was pleasantly surprised by the engine compartment it looks a lot roomier than my 2.0. It's obvious this is due to the longer hood, but I never really thought about it until I saw the engine in person.

I miss the blue gauges, but that's a minor complaint. I expected more head room in the back seat with the squared off roof, but it's still better than my 2k (I'm 6' 1" tall). Cargo space looks unchanged, I didn't think to see if the rear lower cushion flips forward....need to check that.

The engine? Well.....the traction control light got a good workout during my test drive ;)
The sound was awesome, I wasn't expecting that.

Stereo - awesome it wasn't the high end unit.
Flat bottom steering wheel is a nice touch for us tall drivers.
I miss the bud-vase.

Does anyone know of 16" wheels will fit the current platform? Better for use with snow tires.

I'm going to wait until I drive the 2.5 liter (I had a 2.0 before) and the manual trans before making a decision.

Yes I have photos - sorry, I ran out of the house when I received the call about the new car, and I didn't grab my good camera.


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