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THANK YOU to this entire site, and all of the contributors, have been an immense help in restoring my 2000 GLS!!!😎😎.
We bought it in 2013, with 73k on it, 3rd owner, 2nd owner hadn’t maintained. So, starting in 2015, going through it. Escondido German Auto, inspected vehicle, I’ve done most of the work, with the huge amount of searching this site! Excellent resource! EGA, did the things I can’t do, ( or messed up🙄) so, now the Minion (wife named it😎) has 139k, and down to the little things. I will try to upload some photos, Minion is a daily driver, paint will be last item on punch list. Working on custom center console at the moment, oem cup holders😔, wife gave me a small sippy cup as joke😜. Thanks again!
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