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The $8.00 awesome

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I got tired of the anemic little bulb in the hatch so I decided (of course) to make a simple improvement. Two LED lights strips and 10 minutes later and now it's much, much brighter. The old bulb was about as bright as a candle in a jam jar, and now I can get a sun tan every time I open my hatch.

I love this Beetle!!! It's the perfect canvas.


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That is choice work mang! I take it you just wired them in at the same place as the Jam Jar lights?
Yes, snipped two wires and wired the LED strips in, positioned the lights and I was done.
That's very cool Chef, nice mod.

Props to you!
How long are the strips? Where did you get them. I got to do this to my Herbie! I work nights. Perfect mod!

Herbie's Nurse Dude
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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