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Here she is...my 2005 TDI. Her name is Jenna, and I picked her up March 12, 2005 with 2 miles on her. She's got a bunch of stuff done to her inside and out, and plenty more to come. :O)


VW OEM Euroswitch w/ working rear fog icon
Amber foglight covers (thanks Eeyore!)
Clear front bumper lenses
Clear rear bumper lenses
$3 rear fog mod

Glowshift gauges and Autometer pods
2.5" swiftms-tuned GHL downpipe (with hi-flow diesel cat)
2.5" swiftms custom exhaust, no muffler
Allard Injectors (PD150 race)
Hacked factory shifter
Dieselgeek Billet Ultra Short Shifter

Factory 8-speaker Monsoon system
Alpine Type-R DVC 10" sub
Rockford Fosgate 3001 Amp

H-Sport 27mm front swaybar
H-Sport 35mm rear swaybar (hells yea!)
H&R end links for front swaybar
H-sport "hard" endlinks for rear swaybar
Bilstein HD shocks/struts
Vogtland VR6 lowering springs
Metalnerd's 1" lift kit

16" 6-spoke alloys/Hankook K106s (thanks Toad!)

Lupo 3l Green DI badge
Monster Mats (thanks TVetter!)

black/green shift boot
painted interior pieces (need to paint again at some point for a better finish)
2003 TurboS leather seats

Inspiration and support:
Eeyore (Growler rocks!)
skunkjunky (wouldn't be the same w/o your steelies)
mentalvdub ( :O) is all I have to say. Thank you for everything, I mean that.)
herTDI (for making me drive to keep up with you)
Fowvay (for taking my calls with stupid questions)
hestersu (for that killer rear fog writeup)
CyberGreenBaby (because you just rock like that. :O))
Toad (for taking Best Buy gift cards as payment for wheels and tires :O) )
wawalker (for being crazy enough to want my clothies...but I feel ya nonetheless)
...and countless others who have shaped this car into what it is and will be.

On the workbench:
20 cans of black, silver, and green spraypaint
GT1749VB turbo with manifold
3bar MAP sensor
Forge SMIC and hoses (for a GTI originally...we'll see how she fits)
Audi TT LCA's (generation 1)
intake/intercooler piping (gonna make me a CAI)
PAY OFF THE DAMN CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Planned mods:
Dieselgeek skidplate
TurboS bumpers
ATS side skirts

VAG-COM readings (with the exhaust and injectors only): 16psi steady, 324 Nm (238 lb/ft) of torque @ 2100rpm in 5th)
Top speed: 128mph (actual), 135mph (indicated)


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Simply Beautiful! She obviously has a loving owner.....:warmfuzi:

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She was stock...for about 5000 miles. Then i met Eeyore and a bunch of other crazy cats. Enjoy some before pics. :)


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Here's some of today's pics. These are the best ones. I need to get my sister down so I can do a double CG shoot, but these are cool. :)


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