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The Cylinder head is KAPUT!

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So now I need a new head on my Beetle, the machine shop said it's way to warped.
Now comes the fun part....
Which heads are compatible with a AWP engine (I know the APH is) and does anyone have a good one for sale for a decent price?:(
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sorry to hear. What caused to overheat to that degree? I would contact your local VW to find out what heads will work and what will not. Time to hit the boneyards :-(

That's a good word :p try the junkyards or maybe ebay I saw a few on ebay the other day when I was browsing.
Ebay was the way to go and I found a compatible head for it delivered!!! Got some other stuff like a head gasket kit with t-belt, water pump with a metal impeller and a few odds and ends. So far I'm in it for a bit ( I got the guys personal phone# if I need anything...he works at a salvage yard)

Started to put it back together yesterday but it's stop start en-devour so it will be a little bit. Once the engine is done I'll tackle the interior door handles and that stupid glove box release latch:mad:..(just curious but would anyone be interested in just the latch if I was to go and have them made so you don't have to spend hundreds on a whole glove box door!?)
To answer your question, most any of the heads are interchangeable. I think for direct bolt onto an AWP, an AWV head is exactly the same, it just has a different tune on the ECU to make it the 150 hp instead of the 180 hp. This here should help you out. Scroll down to the Engine Info section.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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