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The Marrakesh Beetle

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Some pictures of my New beetle..Had an account on here earlier but i can't log in...But here i m again!Greetings from Sweden!

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Looks good! I like that color, and its setting very nicely on the ground. :)

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Welcome back to the Org. Great color, nice to see you show it.
mmm, mmm, mmm...what a beauty! Welcome back Zed! Keep them pics coming!

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What a sweet color! Is it custom? Don't think I've ever seen any brown beetles around here (except for the new 2012+ ones).
I absolutely love it.
Love that color!
Thanks everybody! The color is fromBMW it's called Marrakesh brown! :)

Today i also painted the front lower bumper black Wanted to break of the brown a little! Please tell me what you think and have an awesome day!

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the black as a very nice contrast and allows a brown to stick it out tastefully! Looks great

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Thanks a lot man! :)Today i emailed a company my blueprint on engine raisers(25m) so that the drive shafts gets a better angel when i lower it and to get the oilsump higher from the ground :)

PS:Sorry for my english since it's not my main languge :)
It's a bit lower now :)what do you all think? :)
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Had a little photo session today :) first time i handle a real camera soo don't be too mean haha ;P

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I am in love with the color. Seriously.
I agree. There's something weirdly attractive about a brown bug.

Don't know why, just do.

Great job it's a beauty!
I'm generally not a fan of BROWN but that paint looks great! Maybe, it makes me think of ROOT BEER! (I must be thirsty!) Looks good and unique! :)
Thanks a lot everyone! been thinking of selling the car for awhile, but it has got a lot of attention lately on this and other sites so i'm keeping it!

Thanks again for the all the nice comments! :D
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