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So about 2-3 weeks ago, I was coming home from my mother's when I was in my neighborhood and battery light came on for a moment when I was coming to a stop. Then once I parked it in the drive way, I walked the dogs and came back about ten minutes later to put the car in reverse a little.

Well the pumpkin shook a little and the battery light went on until I slowly put my foot on gas to reverse it a little.

Then for two days, it acted alright.

Wednesday, when I was about to turn off the car, the battery light & the ABS light went on and the radio cut out for a minute. So everything must have cut out for a moment.

So I called my mom and then she put my stepdad on the phone and he told me to call the place where we usually take it (THEY KNOW THE PUMPKIN A BIT TOO WELL NOW! Because it's been there every week or every two weeks for the last month and half or two months).

The mechanic that I spoke to, told me when I could bring it in because obviously, this is BIG DEAL! I said I could do it now. So I started up the pumpkin(Attempted to) and the car wouldn't start. *cue the tears* and then I tried again and I got it. But every time I had to slow down or make a complete stop. A whole bunch of lights came on and when I had to make a complete stop, it would cut out and some how managed to get it going again.

I kept hoping to hit green lights so this wouldn't keep happening. I should have drove with my hazard lights on the entire time.I'm not sure why I didn't.But if something like this ever happens again, I will most certainly put on the hazard lights ASAP.

So I was about half way to the place to get it looked at and the car barely went anything... It was going real slow and I kept trying to get it to go. But nope. it kaput on me right as I past the traffic lights. I called the place up to let them know what happened. And towards end of the conversation, there was a police car & a towing service truck behind me.

I cannot even tell you how incredibly LUCKY and BLESSED I was. The towing service guys pushed the pumpkin into the median lane. I called my mom up and told her what happened. She was like "You want me to come down to pick you up?" I was like "Sure, join the parade" because really? Police car and towing truck parted right behind the pumpkin. I was trying to lighten the mood... a little.

So it was so sad to watch The Pumpkin get towed and driven off to the place where I took it to get fixed.

But I handled it all pretty well. Of course, I was nervous & scared. When I told my stepmom all of this, she was like "Ohh, Abbey. I should have followed you to make sure you got there." She was feeling bad.

So the pumpkin ended up needing a VOLTAGE REGULATOR. Expensive fix but it had to be done. Obviously.
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