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<-----No More Beetle :(
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You missed this part..

[20:58] <Shannon> I was using the high pressure washer yesterday afternoon and I stepped over the house while spraying the hose hit my scrotum
[20:58] <Shannon> OMG!
[20:59] <Shannon> I washed the same spot for like 10 minutes
[20:59] <Shannon> LOL
[20:59] <Skittle> OUCH and TMI
[20:59] <Shannon> Don't tid bit that anyone!
You stepped over the house?! Man! Either your house is really small or you're really tall! :lol:

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[01:10] <Shannon>
[01:10] <Shannon> How does that look like a
[01:10] <Shannon> If that looks like a, then call me gay cause I'd ride that!
[01:10] * HarleyPixie tells pete to sent james a toaster
[01:10] <dnyed>
[01:10] <Shannon> ROFL Tabitha
[01:11] <dnyed> and only men drive them
[01:11] <Shannon>
[01:11] <Shannon> Looks like a Viper
[01:11] <wpgbluebeetle> i'm not getting out of that either
[01:12] <macdave-> might be 1 inside somewhere
[01:12] <Shannon> LOL dave

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[01:34] <Shannon> IF I was ever going to want to have kids, I would have wanted them when I was 15 or so
[01:34] <HarleyPixie> ack!
[01:34] <Shannon> That way we could still hang out when they're teenagers
[01:34] <Shannon> lol
[01:34] <Shannon> Get trashed together
[01:34] <Shannon> chase women
[01:35] <Shannon> young women
[01:35] <Shannon> that sort of thing
[01:35] <HarleyPixie> even if it was a daughter!
[01:35] <HarleyPixie> LOL
[01:35] <Shannon> or dudes
[01:35] <Shannon> wait!
[01:35] <Shannon> LOL
[01:35] <HarleyPixie> shannon's gunna go chase dudes with his daughter!
[01:35] <Shannon> I didn't think that one through
[01:36] <Shannon> scandalous!

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<Shannon> My mini doesn't do that well
<@pdoel> That's what we've heard. LOL
But it's not the size that matters....

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<Shannon> All this talk of getting blown has gotten me hard
<Queue> roseanne barr
<Queue> roseanne barr
<Queue> roseanne barr
<Queue> roseanne barr
<Queue> joan rivers
<Shannon> ack!
<Shannon> There goes my boner!~
<Queue> just helping where i can

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[19:00] flbug: i was going to reuse the rubber, but it tore as i was pulling out
[19:00] flbug: ROFL
[19:00] Bugsy98nb: ROFL
[19:00] Bugsy98nb: that sounds SOOO wrong
[19:00] squeebug: ROFLMAO

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[01:11] <flbug> cya shannon
[01:11] <Shannon> I'm not going anywhere
[01:11] <Shannon> Just yet
[01:12] <Shannon> My bed is screaming my name
[01:12] <Shannon> but I'm chosing to ignore it...for a bit longer
[01:12] <flbug> same here
[01:12] <HarleyPixie> what do you do to that bed that it screams your name?!
[01:12] <Shannon> ;P
[01:13] <HarleyPixie> dirty whore.
[01:13] <Shannon> Compared to?....
[01:13] <Shannon> Mother Teresea?
[01:13] <HarleyPixie> charlie.
[01:13] <Shannon> You can't compare to me a sexually confused boy 11 years my junior
[01:14] <HarleyPixie> hehehe. of course i can!
[01:14] <flbug> :p
[01:15] <flbug> btw, how am i sexually confused?
[01:15] <Shannon> Have you had sex?
[01:15] <flbug> no
[01:15] <Shannon> How can you know for sure whether or not you're sexually confused?
[01:16] <flbug> O__o that make no sense
[01:16] <Shannon> :D\
[01:16] <flbug> :p
[01:16] <flbug> AND THATS what i was asking you!
[01:16] * flbug kicks shannon in the gnads
[01:16] * HarleyPixie whistles innocently
[01:17] <Shannon> Expressing your fascination with my genital region?
[01:17] <flbug> >_<
[01:17] <flbug> (-_-*)

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[22:25] Freaky_: Yup. That's me
[22:26] flbug: nice pix
[22:27] Freaky_: Thanks.
[22:27] Bugshower: Jai !!
[22:27] *** You are now known as Bugsy98nb.
[22:27] HeppyCat: WET NAKED Bugsy98nb!
[22:27] Bugsy98nb: Im not wet or nekid :p
[22:27] HeppyCat: uh huh
[22:27] HeppyCat: you just came out of the shower
[22:27] HeppyCat: I SAW
[22:27] Bugsy98nb: 0_0
[22:27] squeebug: Im not wet or nekid :p <-- that's not what she said
[22:28] Bugsy98nb: Why were you watching ?
[22:28] HarleyPixie: yeah... why were you watchin him?!
[22:28] squeebug: because you weren't?
[22:28] HeppyCat: well i was trawling pr0n sites, and your video was in a popup
[22:28] squeebug: ROFL
[22:28] HarleyPixie: LOL
[22:28] Bugsy98nb: still doesnt explain why you were watching
[22:28] squeebug: looks like somebody forgot about pete's webcams
[22:29] flbug: LOL

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<Shannon> Somdays I just want to be tied up and flogged with a leather flogger. This is definitely one of those days.
* HarleyPixie ties shannon up
<Shannon> Pull my nipples too?
<HarleyPixie> nope.
<HarleyPixie> you'll have to wait
<Shannon> :(

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<Shannon> A student has auctioned her virginity to a stranger for almost £20,000 to help fund her university tuition fees.
<@pdoel> Ha ha.
<Queue> go her
<Shannon> The deal follows an online auction in the US, where a Californian woman selling her virginity attracted an offer of $5 million (£3.14 million) from an Australian businessman in January 2009. The businessman later pulled out of the transaction after his wife objected.
<Shannon> LOL
<Queue> i wonder how much i would get if i offerred my virginity
* @pdoel pictures Q logging into his account to check his balance
<Shannon> His wife objected
<Queue> :)
<@pdoel> Q: I'll give you $10.00.
<Shannon> Gay sex pays the most
<@pdoel> But I want a doctor to certify that your bumhole is virginal.
<@pdoel> :)
* Queue waits for tabitha to bid...PLEASE!
<Shannon> Gay men typically have more disposble income
<Shannon> I'll bid $20
<HarleyPixie> hmmm.. shannon says gay men typically have more disposable income, then bids twice what pete did...... suspicious!
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