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Hi, I currently have a 2010 VW CC and was referred over here from the vortex forum.

Wife wants a 5 spd. (my choice) Techno Blue 2001 Beetle GLX with 55k miles for less than 7k from a local dealer. Car has 1 owner on car fax.

Been reading a bunch of horrible experiences on the web and complaints about overall build quality.

Should I be worried? Or should I take the plunge and join all you good folks?

What I sent to Dealer: :)

Interested in the car. I have a 2010 VW 2.0T DSG Candy White CC already and would like this car for the wife.

We have a 9 month old and want to know if this car has all the factory issued recalls fixed?

1. NHTSA Reference: #02V244000- Child Restraint
2. NHTSA Reference #02V031000- Bad ABS= Fire
3. NHTSA Reference #03V265000 - Brake lamp switch

Is this car safe? Would you put your own 9 month old in the back seat? If yes, please contact me and we will pay cash to close the deal.

Wife's 01 1.8T mechanic
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Price is too high. Dealer can check to make sure recalls are done, and will do them for free if not completed. If they can't confirm that timing belt and water pump has been done, negotiate that as part of the deal. It doesn't matter that it is under the mileage, it is well over the time.
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