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Hey all,

Replaced the throttle body on my 2000 NB 2.0L this afternoon. The old one was unable to be adapted using VAG-COM (see even after a thorough cleaning.

Cleaned the replacement throttle body, one I picked up from the local pick-and-pull off of a '98 NB 2.0L with Cruise. Now the new throttle body was able to be adapted successfully using VAG-COM but is making a horrible squeal at idle through about 2K RPM. I also got misfires on cylinders 1 and 3, which had never happened before.

I have another throttle body that I picked up off of eBay, but I was hoping to be able to use this junkyard one as it was $70 cheaper.

I'd love to hear any suggestions, but otherwise will swap the TB back and see if that at least eliminates the squealing/misfiring. Won't get around to this until later tonight. If the old TB doesn't squeal/misfire, I'll swap it out for the one I picked up on eBay...hopefully ONE of these THREE TBs will work! :p
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