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throttle body unit

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OK here it is , I was driving to work and the car started to spit and spudder and would not let me press on the gas it would quit running, I replaced the wires and plugs, fuel filter,air filter,cleaned the MAF, still would start up but would idle crazy up and down all by it self cleaned the throttle body unit, still the same, so then I disconnected the wires going into the TBS and it would run fine. So do I replace the throttle body unit? or can I run it not hook up
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Have you scanned the car for trouble codes; please post any and all trouble codes. If you don't have a vw compatible scanner; I would suggest you get one asap: look on amazon.com for the vs450 (a simple, basic, vw code reader), under $50 or look at the ross tech vcds, (a factory level scan tool).

After cleaning the throttle body; you need to adapt/align it.


You might also; want to do some testing of the throttle body: what year and model of new beetle do you have? Please fill out your info; so, we can help you more intelligently in the future.
throttle body

It is a 2001 with a 2.0 AEG, so when I have the throttle body unpluged it idles fine, can I drive it until my next day off? I drive 100 miles a day back and fourth to work so my next day off will be five days from now
As long as it will idle OK (ie. not stall due to low idle speed) you will be OK. On the AEG the throttle body motor is used only for setting idle speed and working the cruise control, so your cruise control won't work.

You could try cleaning the throttle body. Spray carb cleaner in the throat while holding the throttle open by hand. Make sure the ring where the throttle plate closes is clear of soot.

Then recalibrate the throttle body by turning the ignition switch to "run" without starting the engine. Wait 30 seconds and then switch off. You should hear the stepper motor in the throttle body run during the 30 second period.
so it is ok to drive

ok I will drive it for a few miles and i will see what happens and I had already cleaned it and now I know how to reset it,thanks will let you know how it goes
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