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time to change inner tie rods 2001 beelte

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well I have been dreading this, but the time has come, I have already changed control arm bushings, outer tie rod ends, thought that would get me by (or my daughter it her ride I just work on it) We bought new tires and when it came to the alignment the mechanic said he couldn't do to wear on inner tie rods, I did not think they were that bad, there is about a 1/4 inch play on each wheel. So my question is what to expect on this procedure, I know I can rent a tool from local auto parts store, just concerned since this is on a beetle( tight clearances) What issues to Deal with, Also does anybody recommend a quality tie rod? or the ones made by Duralast from autozone do ok.
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The shop manual says the steering gear must be removed to replace the tie rods:

Volkswagen Workshop Manuals > Beetle L4-2.0L (AEG) (2000) > Steering and Suspension > Steering > Tie Rod > Component Information > Testing and Inspection > Page 7105

Here is the part for removing the steering gear:

Volkswagen Workshop Manuals > Beetle L4-2.0L (AEG) (2000) > Steering and Suspension > Steering > Steering Gear > Component Information > Service and Repair > Power Steering Gear, Removing and Installing

Looks like the subframe needs to be lowered and then you can remove it to the right side. I lowered my subframe recently to replace my catalytic converter. It wasn't that bad, it drops about 2" and will be supported by the still-attached suspension. There are 4 stretch bolts that will need to be replaced, my local dealer had to order 2 of them.

Not sure about Duralast. I'd use a German brand:

Volkswagen New Beetle 2.0 Steering Tie Rod
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Thanks for the reply and the links, Big difference in prices on inner tie rod ends, I guess you ge what you pay for. I think I will attempt to remove the tie rods without removing the rack, with the tool they got at autozone, I am sure this has been attempted before, It will save me from having to replace those stretch bolts,
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