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Time to change the cabin filter

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We have had the NB for a month, used car lot had put dryer sheets under the seats for smell. That had worn off and a new smell(not good) had replaced it. I was betting the cabin filter had never been replaced. It hadn't...

I'm now betting it smells a bit fresher inside.
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I do believe so, I was expecting to pull a mouse carcass or two out, but didn't find anything other than turds I think.:eek:
You can got another 20k out of that one :)
i Change my cabin air filter every couple of months, whether it needs it or not.
just changed the one in our 05, looks like it had never been replaced either. I think people think it is harder to do than it actually is, or they don't know it even exist.
I decided it was time to check out the cabin filter situation.
As I figured, it was past due for replacement, with all the evidence of critters and filth from being in an area that is subjected to the infiltration of debris.
Scooping out the big stuff and a quick vacuuming job was followed by removal of the box that the filter sits in, so that I might gain access to all the crooks and nannies where there was a lot of built-up dreck.

A thorough cleaning of the area and the box and it's ready for installation of the new cabin filter, something that hasn't been replaced in many years.

Nothing unusual here.


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Captain Picard...there is an entity in the life support system:D
I bought my current NB used in 2010, and decided to dig in and change the filter. I used the instructions, and dedicated an afternoon for it.

I got in, with a few injuries to my fingers, but discovered the old filter looked like new, dang it! :D

I am just glad it didn't look like those! Yikes! :calvin:
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