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Time to replace clutch?

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I've got a 2001 New Beetle 2.0 L. It has about 180,000 km on it (112,000 miles).

When I park, I usually put the car in 1st gear. Lately, when I start the car and press on the clutch, it makes a horrible grinding noise. I can feel that the clutch isn't super engaged, so I will press on the clutch again and reengage but it still makes the noise.

Is this a sign I should suck it up and replace the clutch? If so, what's a reasonable cost for this kind of job?
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I found that when I got to that point the clutches days are numbered. Its all about how long you feel like babying it along.

1 technique that has worked for me is not shifting directly into first. Instead I push the clutch, shift into 2nd, then up to 1st and release the clutch. That seems to get everything where it likes to go for a while. I got many thousands of miles out of mine by doing that.

Sorry I don't remember specifically the price tag, but I think it was in the $600 range at an indie shop. By the time I got it there, nothing was left but shredded metal and the car would refuse to shift at all. Might want to take it in before that. :rolleyes:
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