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timing belt on a 2.0 gasser

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just a FYI.
I DID watch the video (some guy down south), doing a timing belt on a 2.0 with LOTS of miles on ito n youtube first.
Needless to say, I replaced the water pump, timing belt, tensioner, and serpentine belt tensioner tonite.
Took me all of 2 hours total. (plus time to clean up my antifreeze (inevitable), spill on the floor).
WORST part was getting that horrendous motor mount OFF the engine, and OUT of the freaking way. What a PITA!!!!!
I was a bit skittish going in it, but all the bolts came out nice n easy. No problem with the exception of that stupid motor mount.

On the floor in my garage. Just a floor jack, some stands, and a piece of carpet to lay on. All hand tools. Nuthin fancy.

Just sayin.
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Thats about the only thing on my Beetle I didnt do myslef , I just didnt fancy the job (water pump broke).
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