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Tiptronic Problem

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So, after removing the center console and unlocking the shift mechanism (because it got stuck into drive), I cleaned the Tiptronic shifter and checked for missing magnets (none missing). ! wanted to find out why suddenly the Tiptronic didn’t work even though I, myself, replaced the valve body a two years ago and everything worked fine, for a while.
The Tiptronic still does not work and -what is new- the PRND indicator on the dashboard does not show. I do not believe the suddenly appearing code P0705. What the heck is going on ?! Please advise. Thank you.
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17089/P0705: trans range circuit malfunction (PRNDL inp.)

I'm not seeng much more info then that and no definition on the ross tech wiki:

Generic obd ii trouble code info:


This maybe a case, where looking at live data with a vw scan tool; like vcds by ross tech, could help confirm, the computer is seeing the trans gear selector and orher transmission sensors are working or not.

You might do a visual inspection of the wiring, sensors and plugs to the selector/transmission, start testing, confirm operation with live data on a vw scan tool.

Let us know, the year, engine and trans you have and we can try to find some service manual links, that might help your troubleshooting process.
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