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I don't have a pic as I'm starting this thread.. but if you're familiar with past years... you're familiar with the 'official' sticker anyhow.

If you need to update your official sticker... say it's worn out, you got a new car, or you just plain need a new one or want one... this is the place to order it!

With that said... I highly doubt that I will be able to make it to TOD. So, if there is anyone from the Chicago area going to TOD, or maybe Ohio/Indiana that I can meet up with... I'd be happy to drive a lil ways to send them with you to make sure people have their stickers AT TOD. Otherwise, I can mail them to people happily.

Dimensions will be 10 x 5, cost is $5 as always. I'm not making money on these... just happy to make them for my beetle family. <3

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