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Top Warning Indicator with top down

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So I searched the threads and found several about the convertible top warning indicator light going off when the top is up, but not when the top is down.

I put my top down this afternoon for a short drive. Almost immediately, the warning buzzer started going off. As I drove the mile drive home, it would go off every 30 seconds or so. When I got home, I pulled it into my garage and tried it several times sitting still. When I opened the top all the way, the convertible top indicator light remained on. When I closed and latched it, the indicator light went off and the temperature display returned.

I am still VERY new to my car, so all suggestions are welcome.
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This would mean that the top is not all the way down or properly latched down.

Is your top a manual or automatic top?
Automatic. Treat me like a complete idiot explaining things to me (I am). I typically stop pushing the open button when I hear the sound change to a noise like it is running but not moving.
You idiot! Hold the switch until you no longer hear any noise. A common newbie mistake is the let go of the top as soon as they hear the loud whirling noises (top locks), but they don't let the locks fully cycle. The whirling noise stops once the locks are fully cycled.
I'm sure all of this is covered in the owner's manual. Other quirky things about VWs are covered there as well, like the different colors for the engine coolant light and what they mean. Also the difference between a sold yellow check engine light or a flashing yellow check engine light.

We like to joke at work that German engineering means making everything as complicated as possible.
Excellent. I will give it a shot this evening to see if it works. Thanks friends.
Dear friends,

It worked.


Hey, Blame the Germans for making a 3 step process have 55,000 steps.

I swear they can complicate a brick
Rodney... you are not the first person to do this, or ask about it... and you will not be the last. We now promote you from "idiot" to "fool". Congratulations!

I swear they can complicate a brick
The statement checks out.

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