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Transgo shift kit T75165 for 01M valve body

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Any opinions or information on how well this shift kit helps with fixing 3-4 and torque converter not locking up problems. Thanks
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Hey, I have not done any work with the 01m but this video walks you through the rebuild kit process, I think he is using the kit you are referring to or one similar to it..... Check it out....


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transgo kit

Thanks, He sure makes it look easy - I just ordered the kit off ebay. Hope it works and I dont make it worse. If anybody out there has installed I would like to know how much it helps to solve the common valve body problem a lot of folks seem to have with their VW's.
From what most people have done around here; they just source a rebuilt valve body and install it, I haven't hear of anyone here, attempting to install or rebuild, their own valve body kit. When you do it; consider, doing a DIY thread and sharing your experience, with us! It would really be a great resource; for others, who might attempt.. to do the same thing! Thanks! :)
Got the kit, lets see if it helps

Finally got the kit, got the valve body off, broke a few plastic teeth on the wiring harness and just finished installing all the parts in the kit. Seems simple enough. Now I just need some time to get it back in the car and see if it helps.:)
A few pics of valve body new parts

A few pictures of the new and old parts - work in progress


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So, are you going to replace the wiring harnesses?

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Wiring Harness

I was hoping on getting away without replacing it as I only had a torque convertor clutch trouble code 01192 - I'll see how it works and see if I can get away without changing it... esp. since I dont have one and when I went to disconnect the cable on top of the trans it wasnt coming off without a fight so I just left it. Ive taken the pan off so many times now once more wont matter and getting a new harness is likely a week or two away - if it works I may get one anyway and put it in later... if I still have trouble I'll likely be doing it sooner. Any hints on getting the top cable apart? Thanks
If you are talking about the cable's connector on top of the trans---- you have to take off that 13mm bolt off that bracket and then you can slide it out and fish it out.
Thanks, I'm talking about getting the cable apart where it plugs into the connector on the outside of the transmission not on the inside. I left the old harness in and put everything back together. Transmission works much better with no more slipping in 4th - but still a bit harsh on the 2-3 shift once its warmed up but works real nice when its cold. It may need some fine tuning or adjustment somewhere but to adjust the boost regulator I would have to remove the valve body again. No troubles codes came up so Im guessing the old harness is okay. I'll put some miles on it to see if it improves.
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