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Trouble with my head lights...NB 2003 GL

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On 9/3/015, My DRL/low beams went out. I do have a non-DRL switch, but they have been on when the car is on since I bought it in 4/012. Thought it was normal. Anyways, changed low beams on both sides, yes burn't out.

Replaced and tested on 9/10/015, LB's worked and tested HB's and both fine. A few hours later, at night, NO LIGHTS! Had to turn on HB switch on steering column to get LB's to work. All other exterior lights are fine...WTF! Through inspection, wiring on HL assemblies have compromised insulation on wire. I repaired with shrink tube and Super 33+ tape. Still, same O, same O. New bulbs, repaired wiring. Any experiences out there, any way to test? Not too familiar with Deutsch wiring...Does anybody have some schematics? I can read VW/Euro schematics.


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