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Troubleshooting AC Compressor - 1999

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Looking for some advice. I just replaced the Compressor, Dryer and expansion valve. I used a rebuilt compressor. I put everything together (4.5 oz of PAG oil in compressor) and then drew a vacuum on the system for 30 minutes. I let it sit for about an hour to make sure that there were no leaks. I then charged the sytem with 750 grams of 134a. (weighed the cans before and after to make sure of amount)

When i started the car, the air did not get cool. The clutch was turning and the fans were on. I drove it around and smelled a burning smell. I saw a little smoke from around the ac pulley area and it seemed like the clutch was "slipping". I thought i might have gotten some oil on the pulley so I pulled the belt and cleaned all the pulleys. I didnt get any more smell after that. I let it sit over night and the next morning I started it up and it blew cool air. I let it sit again for a couple hours and then tried it again and no cold air. I also noticed that the clutch is no longer turning. I can turn it by hand so it isnt locked up.

I pulled the connector off of the compressor and i have 13volts. I did a continuity test on the plug attached to the compressor and there is no continuity. I checked the old compressor and saw that there was continuity.

After that long explanation, my question is... I think i just got a bum compressor. Does anyone have an opinion or advice? It has a 90 day warranty but i wanted to hear some opinions before I go that route.

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AC Clutch

You may be able to turn the pulley but this doesn't mean that the compressor is working. Start the car and turn on the AC, you should hear a click from the compressor and a fluctuation in engine rpm as the clutch engages, if not and you are sure of your switch feed, the unit is faulty.
Sounds like you did a very good job of repairing the system and you were let down by the rebuilt compressor.

What was the cost on the rebuilt compressor, minus core charge if you got that back, and add any shipping if you had to pay for it?
B4 u tear it down, unplug the compressor and jump 12v to it with car running. one to battery pos. one to battery ground. It doesnt matter which is which. The compressor should start turning and blowing cold. What happens is the high/low pressure switch doesnt command the compressor on sometimes. I just dont want you to do all that work again,and still have the same problem. Trust me Ive done it myself, NOT FUN! So run a hot to the clutch Ill bet money it will turn.
rebuilt compressor

That happened to me in my younger days, twice I had to take back and put in a rebuilt compressor from a known autoparts store. finally got it going by putting in a new compressor.lesson learned it's best to just use a new compressor cause the rebuilt stuff is a hit and miss situation and You waste money and time re-doing the same job. Good luck man. ****No continuity sounds like the compressor motor coil windings are open, you should measure low ohms there.
Thanks for the replies

I will try the suggestions and let you all know what my findings are. Yes I am leaning towards just a bum compressor.

I paid $120 for the compressor and the dryer. I bought it from Best AC compressor on Ebay.

I do know that a new compressor is the way to go. I just cant afford one until after summer so i thought i would roll the dice with this one. It did have good reviews :) Once again thanks.
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