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Still fighting my trunk latch problem. I have replaced the actuator and the latch containing the micro switch. Neither the door switch or the key fob opens the trunk. When using the key, I do get a blinking red light on the key which tells me the remote is communicating with the comfort control module (ccm).
When I try to use the door switch I do hear a faint click coming from under the dash on the driver's side.
This leads me to believe the switch is communicating with the CCM.
I have also tried to reset the locking system using the master key in the door lock.
Still nothing. Is there something I am failing to do?
Any ideas would be appreciated.

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The BodyControlModule looks to see if the latch released the last time. It also looks to see if the latch is engaged before sending the 12v to the solenoid motor. An ordinary person, say, trying to adjust the length of the release linkage or has the motor hanging trying to see if it moves...
Has the trunk open;
Has latch open,
Hits door switch,
Gets nothing.
Has trunk open,
Has the motor hanging or the linkage off,
Closes latch,
Hits button,
Gets motor to move,
Motor retracts itself after a second,
Hits button again,
Gets nothing cuz BCM didnt see latch open and reclose last time.

You have to manually open and close latch,
Hit button,
See motor move,
Open and close the latch again.
BCM needs to see the latch open and close again. Without that open and reclose,, hitting the button does nothing.

Ask me how I know, or more specifically, how long it took to know.
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