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Hey, everyone! My Bug is a 2000 GLS. I’m having a weird problem with my trunk lock actuator. When starting up first thing in the morning, the trunk will unlock itself, but only then. Once I’ve driven it for a while and stop somewhere, it won’t unlock itself when I restart.

Anyone got any ideas as to what might be the cause of this?

Also, the silver and black on my trunk emblem is almost completely worn gone. Is there any way to fix that without having to replace the entire lock? If nor, can I just get a trunk lock from another Bug and swap it out?

Finally, I have moisture on the inside of my head lights. Is there any way to deal with that without having to buy whole new lights?


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Water getting inside the trunk lock mechanism and the actuator is a common issue, leaks typically are from the third brake light lamp assembly. The rubber seal can get old or the bezel can crack; water can cause the actuator to ground out, possibly causing it to unlock by itself. Other electrical things to check; would be the rear hatch switches in the doors, the rocker switch breaking, grounding out and the flex area of the wiring harness on the rear hatch, causing the wires to break, resulting in shorts, etc.

Most electrical problems will throw a vw factory trouble code; a vw scan tool, like vcds by ross tech, can read these, enable you to view live data, do output testing and help narrow down the problem.

A visual inspection, Scanning for codes; should help you narrow down the issue. Let us know, what you find and we can go from there. Thanks.

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