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Trying to install aftermarket radio

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Okay. New here so please bear with me. :rolleyes:
I have a 2000 NB 1.8 Turbo and love it. The OEM radio/cassette/cd stopped working and I want to replace it. The problem is I bought this car used. I don't know if I have the key with the chip in it and the driver side lock cylinder is frozen (won't lock or unlock with key). Is there a way to disarm the alarm/security? I have read that you can unhook battery cables. Touch together, reconnect them, pos. first. Then open hatch with key. This is supposed to reset the alarm system. Is this true?
Also, if the alarm system goes through the OEM radio. What happens to it (alarm system) with the new radio?
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Nobody? really? Nice
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I am a newbie too, but I think this would be more apt tp get a response if in the Questions, Issues, Concerns, or Problems with the New Beetle section as opposed to Car Audio as it really has more to do with the security system
Shouldn't have any alarm problems with an aftermarket stereo. I had an aftermarket unit in my Beetle and the alarm still worked (trust me I know...I had a dead microswitch at the same time. The alarm definitely worked!).

And just as an FYI, you should have the immobilizer. Only '98 and '99 cars didn't have it. Not sure if you can reset the alarm that way though. I'm assuming you have a key fob? Hitting unlock on that should be all you need to reset the alarm if its going off. Or are you talking about the immobilizer that will keep the car from running?
There is issue with aftermarket radio instal using pre wired adapters. Do some research on this first as it plays heck with the OBD 2 .
Don't be discouraged with not getting replies right away, there are very few of the members here that use the " today's post " search at the top of the page. That is my observation
So….members don't use "todays posts" button???? Really? Thanks again glassbuggy. So instead of addressing an issue with the obd 2 when doing an install you say research it. Well for everyone else with this problem the issue is with the K1 or K-line which needs to be connected to NOTHING. If it is it will cause a OBD 2 scanner to malfunction. These problems occur in 1999 and older vehicles.
As for not getting a response right away….I thought that 3 days was quite a while.:cool:
Sorry Smitty. I have heard of the k line issue but don't have an aftermarket radio in my car. I haven't done that fix as of yet.
aftermarket radio

I have an aftermarket radio in my 2000 GLS 2.0 but it's a few millimeters too deep. Watch out for that.
I had to cut the bracing behind the center dash piece, mount the radio with some metal strap and screws to brace the back, and do some tedious maneuvering to get the whole thing back together.
The problem was that aftermarket radios don't have the post in the middle of the back to load into the VW dash support piece, and it's meant for a more shallow radio casing.
Also, be careful. After I did mount it into the dash piece and then install the dash, it must have had too much stress on part of it, from too many wires behind the radio, and the deeper aftermarket case, because it cracked my dash on the left side by the steering wheel. Now I'm trying to figure out how to fix that with some plastic repair kit.
Measure your old radio and then go to Best Buy or another shop and measure the radios, or look online for dimensions.
Instead of manually wiring everything to the aftermarket radio, like I did, you would be better off getting a harness adapter. I think that would limit the HUGE GOB of wires behind the radio. Hope this helps.
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The wire harness that I used in wife's 2000 1.8T is here ... and yes I do have the "K-Line" (K1) issue; getting my info together to fix it this weekend.
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