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I have 01 GLS turbo. it doesn't have turbo badge in the back. I think it's considered as 'not real beetle turbo'?

anyways, since audi tt is very similar car, I am looking into buying 01~03 audi tt.

I test drove few and so far I am not impressed. I don't know why since their specs are certainly better than my beetle.

180hp quattro coupe. acceleration felt the same as my car. felt tighter suspension (this one had 80k less miles so obviously)

180hp fwd roadster. felt turbo working. slower acceleration. (heavier car so makes sense)

225hp quattro. it is the best option for tt.
I was accelerating but wasn't feeling 'oh it's fast' so I kept pushing gas pedal and it was already over 5000 rpm. I don't use 5000 rpm with my beetle. 4000 or 4500 has been enough to go to next gear. I also felt a lot of turbo or pressure going under the hood. But I felt like it was not discharging it smoothly.
Ok let's put it this way. it's like you have a lot of gas in your stomach and you are having hard time to fart :p
Maybe I am not used to this car? It's obvious 225hp should be a lot faster than my beetle but I didn't feel that.

Compared to TTs. my beetle drives like a normal car (non turbo). there is not really sound of turbo and I don't feel that pressure building up. maybe it's just because my car has lower boost level? but I wonder why my car feels faster than those two....because it's FWD and lighter? actual time for my car is slower but I just feel it faster?

Plus, anyone knows about reliability of TTs?
I am going to buy one between 100k~150k miles...

I walked away from 225hp tt because I wasn't sure the engine was working correctly and there was any vacuum leak.
(I don't know if a seller is going to let you go through deep inspection like taking your car apart to do compression test.)

What would you recommend between 180hp vs 225 as a USED Car?
(obviously MB E55 is better than E320. But as a used car, people are scared of buying such performance car. so price difference is not that much)

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The 225 TT is not making full power till 5900 rpm it's a 6 speed gear box. My 04 TurboS has the same 6 speed gear box and 180 hp motor and it's max HP is built at 5500 RPM's. The TT is a sports car and as such it is made to run at much higher RPM's than a stock GLS due to different gear ratios. You won't feel the true boost till about 4000 RPM's that is where it begins to pull hard to redline. If you shift below 5k it will drive like any 1.8 L car not much power with out fully spooling the turbo up. Take it out for a drive again and this time drive it like a sports car shift at or just before redline if it still has no guts it might have a bad turbo walk away.
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