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TSD 2015 Planning Thread

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We are 19 days out from meeting Friday, the 23rd, in Poteau, Oklahoma. Participants usually arrive around 6:00 PM or so. Most of us are staying at the Days Inn. Ana, Tim, and baby Holley will be down the street at the Best Western. In past years, we've had supper at Western Sizzlin Steaks, but I'd be open for other choices. Saturday morning, we get up around 8:00 and have breakfast, probably at McDonalds or the Continental at Days Inn itself. After breakfast, I suggest that we pick up sandwiches at Subway to eat at some stop on the cruise. Then we head to the car wash, where hopefully, any locals with Beetles will see us and join in. We then depart for the Talimena mountains about a half-hour away. We'll end up in Mena, Arkansas afterwards and take a faster highway route back to Poteau. We usually go to Braum's when we get back for burgers and ice cream. Next, many people go the Days Inn hot tub. Somewhere in the mix, I've mentioned that I'd like to park the Beetles for an hour or two and have an informal "show." I'm open to ideas, and it would all depend on how early (or late) we get started Saturday, unless....we could do this on Sunday before we part ways. Some people do the run again on Sunday. To my knowledge, we have:
Mike Levy
Ana Hanmore
Antoine De Hon
Jason Diamond
Randi Dawson
Tom and Lisa Reich-Arnall
Patrick Sills
Bill and Shirley Jinkins
Bobby Ferrill and Sean Mack Page are "maybes."
If you feel so inclined, come and join us, or if you're located further east, Back of the Dragon also takes place that weekend. October 24-25, 2015.
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I figured I'd get this started.

I'll begin with some thoughts here. As we know, the turnout for TSD '14 was a bit smaller than anticipated. Actually, a LOT smaller. Certain things happened beyond any control, which will happen, but I'm wondering if we should move it to a different weekend. It would have to be before November, but I'd be up for anything before then.

Also, I was presented with an idea that may make more people apt to commit themselves. It was suggested that we charge for T-shirts, decals, etc in advance, and in addition, perhaps a nominal fee for promotion could be implemented.

Don't get me wrong here, for those of us that did show up, it was an enjoyable experience, but it was nevertheless disappointing to be expecting 15-20 Beetles and having just 6! I want this to become as big as Roswell and ToD someday, and we've got a ways to go before that becomes a reality.
Hey everyone. Sure wish I could have been there this past year! :( Sucks having 2 people quit and no one to cover.... All well!

DEcals and t's: Thank you to those who ordered t's and an even bigger thanks for those who paid and put some faith in me. I most sincerely apologize for the lateness of the swag. I hope all those who attended got their shirts, I know Pat did! I only suggested no charge for the t's because I was unsure of how they would turn out!

Going forward with swag, I am going to set up a planning thread. I lack the artistic skills beyond copy and paste, so I will direct all suggestions there.

Charging an attendance fee: I like this idea. Perhaps if we do this we should have someone be a Treasurer? Not me, I will spend it...

Anyway, count me in on #4!
I am down for the 24th. That will work well for me.
I also now have Randi and Tonia on board for the 24th. Next, I'll be messaging Kat. I'm not sure if BoD is a water-Beetle-only GTG or all-VW. Either way, since I'm one of the TSD founders, if BoD is always around the same time, TSD would have to be my thing.
BoD is a NB gtg. Its in Virginia...if I recall correctly. The North Carolina and Virginia orgers put this together. Some do this a couple times a year. Looks fun. Hoping to visit the Diamond Back or the Devils Triangle someday...
I cannot wait! :)
1) In TOD fashion, I think we should place orders for Subway and pick them up after breakfast for a picnic along the drive.

2) Doing the drive back to home base... Have lunch at the Fire Tower, or an overlook on the way back.

Having an informal show...
There is a High School track parking lot right across the street from Home Base, and next to Braums.

There is a community center a short drive from Headquarters with a nice street view lot.

To be continued...
Going to try my absolute best, and its looking good.
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