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TSD 2015 Planning Thread

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We are 19 days out from meeting Friday, the 23rd, in Poteau, Oklahoma. Participants usually arrive around 6:00 PM or so. Most of us are staying at the Days Inn. Ana, Tim, and baby Holley will be down the street at the Best Western. In past years, we've had supper at Western Sizzlin Steaks, but I'd be open for other choices. Saturday morning, we get up around 8:00 and have breakfast, probably at McDonalds or the Continental at Days Inn itself. After breakfast, I suggest that we pick up sandwiches at Subway to eat at some stop on the cruise. Then we head to the car wash, where hopefully, any locals with Beetles will see us and join in. We then depart for the Talimena mountains about a half-hour away. We'll end up in Mena, Arkansas afterwards and take a faster highway route back to Poteau. We usually go to Braum's when we get back for burgers and ice cream. Next, many people go the Days Inn hot tub. Somewhere in the mix, I've mentioned that I'd like to park the Beetles for an hour or two and have an informal "show." I'm open to ideas, and it would all depend on how early (or late) we get started Saturday, unless....we could do this on Sunday before we part ways. Some people do the run again on Sunday. To my knowledge, we have:
Mike Levy
Ana Hanmore
Antoine De Hon
Jason Diamond
Randi Dawson
Tom and Lisa Reich-Arnall
Patrick Sills
Bill and Shirley Jinkins
Bobby Ferrill and Sean Mack Page are "maybes."
If you feel so inclined, come and join us, or if you're located further east, Back of the Dragon also takes place that weekend. October 24-25, 2015.
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Just a bump here.....28 days and counting. "Dieselgate" has been the focus of my attention as of late, and I'm sure most if not all of us can agree that this is something we didn't see coming at all, but I certainly have not forgotten TSD, and in fact eagerly await need the much-needed company of Beetle peeps!
So you are still planning? I'm still wondering. I won't go, but just curious
Bump - getting ready to make my reservations for Friday and Saturday night - yes...this event is still on!:cool:
I edited the first post of this thread, but it didn't help because the last post on page 4 was what appeared on the Org. I have lots to learn about promoting, I guess.:eek:
I did look at the first post...didn't see a phone number for the Days Inn. :p
Still planing to leave on the 22nd!!!! 13 more days to go yay!! ??

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Leaving on Thursday with baby Holley!!! I need to wash Laycee girl!

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And it's canceled do to 100% rain/thunderstorms on Saturday. :(
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