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Welcome to the OFFICIAL 2016 TSD Planning thread.
November 11-13
Poteau, Oklahoma​


Days Inn
Pool, hot tub and Continental Breakfast - Smoking available
1702 North Broadway

Black Angus
Mom & Pop style motel - No frills - pet friendly
(918) 647-3246

Basic Itinerary:
Arrive in Poteau.
Western Sizzlin meet and greet at 7pm
Place order for lunch at Subway!

Drive the TSD!
*Meet for breakfast at 8am
*Pick up lunch at Subway
*Hit the road ~10am
*Lunch at the Fire Tower
*Photo ops in Mena
*Take the road back (completely different experience!
*Dinner - Dessert at Brahms

*Farewell breakfast ~8am
*Hang out "SixChuter Sunday" style.
*Possible Pig Trails drive?

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1) skipping the car wash - it eats up too much time...
2) holding the GTG on even years - as an alternative to R2R
3) should we keep it open to all VW's, or have an "honorary" group?

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So is that THE date? I was out previously because of the Oct 15 date...so I stopped following discussions. I do recall November being discussed for the color change. Just wanted to make sure. I have another scout campout around that time that I want to make sure it doesn't land on this weekend if it is THE date.

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I have been absent as of late, some personal issues have gotten worse, and I am working on bettering me.

There are few things I want more than to see this GTG survive, and grow, but to be completely honest, I am lost on this whole thing! With 2 months until we meet, we really have nothing accomplished. We do have the rough itinerary - though every year seems rough.

I am proposing we skip this year, and hammer out more details:
*All VW, or just Beetles
*Home base events

All the stuff that makes ToD and Roswell great.

If anyone wants to take over and head up this year, be my guest. I will hopefully be starting a new job soon, and may not get time off to attend.

If anything post ideas on what youd like to see done to make this better.

Thanks! :)

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On the Back of the Dragon GTG we say, "we do not require you to drive a Beetle though it is preferred." We've has some non Beetle VWs participate. Even had a Focus last year though he's back in a NB now.
Great idea!
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