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Hi everyone this is Turbo (named by my son cause he asked what the name of the PSSST sound was I told him its the turbo he said like the snail? So it stuck) Anyway its a 2001 1.8T I am surprised at how much I just fell into the beetle world. I will keep him until he dies and I will get another. Work done that I know. I'm in the U.S. military and am stationed in the U.K. I just picked this U.S. Spec beetle 2 weeks ago.
-Forged BOV and plate
-2.5 turbo back exhaust with Megan Muffler
-Lowering springs with OEM shock(horrible...it will be my first major change this Feb)
-I'm sure there is more but previous owner had no idea.

Future Upgrades
-Complete interior Upgrade
-Full suspension


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