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Turbo S Turbo Noise Filter

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So I was reading in these places that the 2002 and up Turbo S's turbo has a "noise filter" to make the turbo sound quieter. And yet, I have found no one else even mentioning it. Does anybody know where or what the filter is or how to remove it?

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I've never heard of it either; I suppose, you could look at the "snorkel" before the airbox and look there. If you add; a airbox like the p-flo from Neuspeed, it would be louder... if that is what you are going for. A aftermarket diverter valve; could also, add some "pssshhhhhaaaa" noise as well.

What are your concerns; performance or adding to the sound of the car?
I was looking for a super easy and cheap way to add sound by taking off rather than adding. I am just surprised more people haven't talked on this. Who wouldn't want more turbo sound? :)

Here is what they say that almost no one had ever mentioned since. This is from Road and Track's first drive of the '02 Turbo S:

"With added boost comes added intake noise, so VW has fitted the car with a 'turbo noise filter' to keep sound levels on a par with the standard Beetle 1.8 T."

Here is Autoweek's first drive of the same:

"This year, a turbo noise filter has been added for even less turbodetection."
My TS must not have one or it's been removed 'cause the Turbo whine was noticeable on Tail of the Dragon to the NB following behind me.
I've owned a 2000 1.8T GLX and now this 2002 Turbo S; from my recollection, the Turbo S, has a louder turbo noise.

I drive an 03 1.8T and have noticed a little of the intake noise but don't know if there is a filter in place or not..
...when the problem comes I'll deal with it. LOL :p anybody have a picture of this such filter? I believe in Murphy's law, don't try to fix what's not broken and so I have not even removed the heat blanket off my turbo or even pay much attention to it, I know it's there. LOL :D

there is no filter. there is a small "size of cupcake" square box next to the n249 valve that acts as a baffle that can be removed, and thats about it. i dont feel like you need to take this off since you arent stage 3.
once you do the "hotbox" intake, or take the stock airfilter box out and replace it with a "cone filter" under the hood you should hear the "woosh" of the turbo and if you have an aftermarket BOV or diverter valve you will hear when the wastegate releases and you get the "pssssh" noise.

thats all i got.

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