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So I've been driving around for quite a while now using only 4 out of 5 gears, because the mounting point inside the transmission for the 5th gear selector was cracked. (so the stress of shifting into and out of 5th could break it).

That was not ideal, but still drive-able... until today, when I tried to shift into 4th gear, heard a clunk, the engine started revving freely (as if in neutral), and I started to hear something rattling around inside the transmission case.

I still managed to get it home: it still drives just fine in 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Also, I think the rattling stopped (probably because the broken pieces settled to the bottom of the transmission case).

I won't have a chance to open it up until the weekend -- I'm driving my truck today and tomorrow -- but I anticipate that I will finally have to admit defeat and get a new [to me] transmission.

Should I even investigate the idea of having it repaired? I already know that one part of the transmission case would need to be welded...

Anybody have recommendations about where to find a new transmission, which one to get (I know it's an 02J, but I need to check what the other three code letters are...), etc.?

In particular, are 02M 6-speeds with TDI gearing available at a reasonable price these days?

Is the transmission replacement something I should attempt myself?

I suppose the bright side is, I won't be able to procrastinate about it anymore... I've got to get this fixed before ToD!!
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