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U might want to try this fairly new wax/detailer stuff, called THE LAST COAT.

I got into a discussion/argument, with some former coworkers about waxing, etc.

In either case, I won the award for trying this new stuff.

Im old enuff to have tried ALOT, like buttload of different waxes, over my lifetime.
Old school turtle wax, all sorts of weird named ones. Latest was meguiars super duty.

Well. Im here to tell you, this last coat beats them all to hell.
Im not getting paid, nor do I work for the company.

I just want to turn ya'all onto a super wax,/sealant.

Goes on easy. No streaks, comes off easier, just a great product.

Shine is best Ive ever had on my bug.

Anyway, thats my .002.

Works on my 59,000 mile tornado red, 2013 beetle.


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I saw the ad about it and it looks like a typical spray sealant. I'm curious about the durability of this product.
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