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UNIDENTIFIED SOUND coming from 2002 gls 2.0

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Sup doods, so I know its not a water pump, thats new, not a timing belt thats new, not a belt tensioner because thats new, and so is the serpentine belt... SO. what the heck is making this sound? Please tell me it sounds like the power steering pump. Because in the video it sounds like that's where it is coming from.

Watch 1st

Watch 2nd

Any help would be appreciated.
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Hey, try to isolate the noise By removing items that could be the problem:

1. Remove serpentine belt
A. Sound gone or still there? Sound still there: check timing belt path.
B. Noise gone? Then check each component for binding or bearing failure or misalignment. (e.g.: alternator, steering pump, tensioner, idler pulley, etc).

2. Timing belt path
A. Did you do the tb/we replacement recently?
B. Remove timing belt cover: sound still there?

Check that out, give us your results and we will go from there... :)
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from looking at those videos it sounds like it's the belt tensioner making a funny noise.
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