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Unusual cooling fan problem, your opinions please.

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Ive tried searching for other threads to my problem but I believe my issue is unique. Or Im overlooking the obvious (hope not).

The problem: when I do the AC fan test my cooling fans will "twitch" turning on for a second at a time over and over again making the blades of the cooling fans just swing back and forth over and over again. Ive ran 12v directly to the fans and they both work, high speed and low speed.

So my question is would you think this is the Fan Control Module or the Engine Coolant Fan Temperature Switch? I dont have any codes.

any thoughts/ help would be appreciated. :)
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I'm almost sure that the fuse s180(left most green fuse as you face them) on top of the battery box is not making good contact, check that. That fuse supply power to the fan control module and the fans in low speed I believe.
Ok I checked that made sure the contracts were clean and the fuses were not bad. Still doing the same thing I can see the blades doing one rotation then they stop, then do another rotation stop and so on. Any other ideas? The car had a timing belt and water pump replaced recently but to my knowledge the fans worked after that point. I really would hate to overheat my new to me bug. Thanks for looking everyone.

You must have a loose connection somewhere than, for sure. Be careful because you can damage that engine really quick if it overheats. find a way to monitor the coolant temperature..ie via mobile phone/elm32 module or something easy and simple.
Right, so I dont think anyone is following my threads but incase anyone reads this and has the same problem I replaced the fan control module and everything is working as it should. I can now drive in town without detonating my engine :). thanks everyone.

I was fallowing your thread. I told you that the first time I answered your thread that the problem is the power to the fan control module and that module supply the power to the fans.
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