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Upgrade to RNS 315 navigation system

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I have a 2003 NB, but I am considering buying a 2014 model. There is a particular model I am interested i, but I want the RNS 315 navigation system. The car I am looking at has the standard RCD 510 touch screen system.

Is it possible to to replace the RCD 510 with the RNS 315?

Is it a straightforward sway?

Would I have to install some Sat Nav aerial?

Is this something that could be done at home if I sourced a new RNS 315 or would it be off to the dealer?
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Here is a DIY on vwvortex; it looks like it has been done before, on the Golf/GTI, which is similar to the Beetle.

DIY: RNS 315 Install

You might pose this question; in the Beetle section of vwvortex, as the site is very mod oriented.

The Beetle

Please keep us in the loop; on what you do and if you tackle the project. We need as much new info; around here, on the 2012+ newer model Beetles! :)
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